How It Works

Win work, fulfill requirements and take the lion’s share of the proceeds:


  • Be your own boss and join forces by signing into a B2B partnership with Saltworth®. 
  • Become an independent and fully compliant recruitment business owner at a fraction of the set-up and ongoing running costs. 
  • Choose your own hours, choose how much you do - work as much as you want, like or need to. 
  • Make your placements and let Saltworth® take care of all the back-office operations and paperwork tasks.
  • Leverage the Saltworth® name, branding and marketing to be part of something bigger than you alone.
  • Work from home (WFH), work from anywhere... or utilise our co-working space.
  • Use the latest tech provided, including email, software, database, CRM and commercial cloud storage.
  • Receive active mentorship, support and guidance with your business development. Get help with planning, pitching and additional presence in meetings as required.


Here's some numbers...

If you placed 1x perm per month at an average placement fee of $15,625, you would earn $150,000 in a year...  that's 80% of the fees you made for your business (it's an 80% share of the proceeds with no targets, no cap, no thresholds, no subscriptions).

Make 2x perms per month and double it...

Add 80% of all the gross profits made from your contract hires... sound good?

Contact in confidence:


*Saltworth® facilitates a recruitment business enabling platform - providing company infrastructure services including but not limited to: back office, labour-hire funding, payroll, contracts management, compliance, licensing, insurances, mentorship, business development assistance.