We are different


Saltworth® is solving the disconnect between IT recruitment agencies and, well… everyone else! 


Yes, we consistently place technology people into salaried and contract positions. But, we are different. For starters, we do not “carry” employed Recruitment Consultants. 

Saltworth® facilitates a shared platform enabling experienced IT Recruiters to break free from Agency-land and set-up their own staffing businesses. In partnership with Saltworth®, each independent business receives the lion’s share of the fees they generate – it’s an 80/20 split. By minimising overheads and not carrying passengers, our clients significantly gain from savings in external spend – compared to conventional recruitment agency costs.


Why have swanky CBD offices? There’s no need.


We operate from mobile offices / WFH and co-working spaces, further minimising overheads and the cost of doing business with us. It’s a slick, well-run and fully compliant staffing operation.

Experienced Independents effectively plug-in to Saltworth so that they can concentrate on what they know best, the IT marketplace.


As a collaborative of business owners and career recruiters, we have seen a lot. And we consistently deliver:


  • We prioritise hiring activities for every client, every time.
  • We actively promote and manage the careers of high-performance IT individuals, spanning many years.
  • We provide access to prime tech-movers before they become available on the open market.


How much?

Saltworth® is a Licensed LHLA (Vic) Labour Hire contract services provider. We source, manage, and retain IT contractors.

Our Pricing is fixed at flat-rate margins for Contract Hires and flat-placement fees for all Salaried (Permanent) Hires.

See Pricing here



Saltworth® promotes and manages in-form tech engineers, project people and IT business leaders in the following disciplines:

  • Agile Leadership & Project Management
  • Architecture & Software Engineering
  • Front / Back-end & Full stack
  • Mobile Application Development
  • DevOps, Cloud Computing & Comms
  • QA, Web Automation, Dev-in-Test
  • Business Analysis, Change & Transformation
  • User Experience & Interface Design 
  • Data Science, Machine Learning & AI
  • Realtime Systems, IoT & Smart Devices

Strengthen your teams with the finest tech-movers before anyone else gets visibility of them… more on this




Community –  Saltworth® has been proud to volunteer, support and financially sponsor Code the Future, an NFP Melbourne-based charity helping kids learn code at school.

We placed 100’s of local Aussie Developers in school classrooms as volunteers, assisting teachers on IT projects as listed on the CtF website and showing kids how to code.

Saltworth® proudly sponsored PyLadies & Pycon 2016/17.


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