Check, check, checkity check…

Do you tick these boxes?

Yep! So what’s your clip?


Does this look familiar?

  • Most recruitment agency employees make a modest salary, including IT recruiters.
  • Typically, a sales threshold must be met before commission is offered.
  • Commission is then calculated at varying percentage levels by achieving “billing” targets.

When working for an agency, your employer cannot really afford to pay you more than a third (in total) of the gross profit made from billing the clients you manage.

…ever wondered why?

Well, there’s the CBD rent, the back office support staff, non-billing management and directors to pay. Then there’s cash-flow needed to finance contractor pay, money for all the overheads and always a few under-performing colleagues to carry!

Alright, so you cannot get a greater share of your billings when working for an agency. How about running your own show? Have you ever thought about starting your own recruitment business?

Too much to do? Too much to learn? Too hard basket?

Not anymore! 

If your entrepreneurial aspirations have been dashed by thoughts of needing a back office or being alone, there is now another way…

Start your own recruitment business and plug it into Saltworth®

Work to your own terms – work as much as you like, want or need to. There are no minimums, no caps, no lock-ins. 

Receive 80% of everything! 


You are not alone…

Professional support is readily available with one-to-one mentorship, help with business development, planning, pitching and additional presence in meetings as required. We’re always accessible to quickly “run something past” for general help and advice, to brainstorm, problem solve and listen to scenarios. 

Saltworth® manages the paperwork side of things… insurances, licensing, compliance, transactions, operations, so you don’t have to!

What about funding (for Labour Hires), payroll, financial control, administration and business support?

– we’ve got all that covered too!

You just need to concentrate on what you know best – the marketplace. 

  • Set yourself free from the confines of employed Agency-land.
  • Run your own business with full support.
  • Be autonomous and earn much more money!

Saltworth® facilitates a shared platform enabling experienced IT Recruiters to break free from Agency-land and set-up their own staffing businesses. In partnership with Saltworth®, each independent business receives the lion’s share of the fees they generate – it’s an 80/20 split. 

How It Works… Want To Read More?

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